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Installing an App

Uninstalling an App

Summary of All Apps



All apps are only available to Freedom Package customers. The Marketing & Loyalty App is an additional $29/month or $49/month depending on your preferred package.


Installing an App

1. Go to Apps--->App Directory in left navigation menu. 

2. Click on the app you want to install.

3. Click the Install button


Uninstalling an App

1. Go to Apps--->App Directory in left navigation menu. 

2. Click on the app you want to uninstall.

3. Click the Uninstall button


Summary of All Apps


  • Clock In/Clock Out: Allows employees to manually clock in and out on the register to record the start and end times of their shift and enables managers to monitor their work shifts, as their activity is automatically synced with Back Office.


  • Multi Register: Employees can perform transactions and update orders from any register in store. They will only be able to reprint receipts, however, from the register the order was done on.   


  • Control # for Puerto Rico: Designed for businesses that seek a seamless method of becoming compliant with Puerto Rico tax laws and regulations.


  • Purchase Order Receiving: Can easily log and keep track of product quantities received from vendors. Info is available in PO Receiving Report.


  • Store Transfer: Can easily transfer products from one store to another and keep track of transfers in Store Transfer Report.


  • Credit/Debit POS Integration: Allows you to have a centralized point of sale, service and communication hub that is fully integrated with eHopper POS, allowing for more efficient operations, simpler and speedier transactions, and all data to be stored and easily accessed.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Can use eHopper Partner Merchant Services (A1 Charge) or your own merchant services
  • Accept any type of payment at any store register
  • Use of tips
  • Supports EMV chip, magstripe and NFC


  • Order Management: Allows you to organize, edit and oversee all order activity within your business. Can monitor every order from creation to completion, including its order status: 'New,' 'In Preparation,' 'In Fulfillment,' or 'Fulfilled.'
    • Can also search for specific orders instantly for referencing and checking customer history
    • Track other information, such as tips given and tender used, and use referral numbers for easier look-up


  • Menu Builder: Enhance menu by ordering and categorizing items and categories


  • Ingredients Manager: Allows to manage raw goods and ingredients by: 
    • Attaching ingredients to products and modifiers to track ingredients inventory as products are sold, by both single UOM (one egg) and stock unit (one egg carton) 
    • Viewing how many of each product can be made with ingredients on-hand
    • Moving ingredients inventory with store transfer and PO receiving
    • Importing/exporting your ingredients inventory
    • Managing wastage with Inventory adjustment functionality
    • Analyzing ingredients data with an Ingredients Report


  • Inventory Matrix: Use to create products that have multiple attributes. For example, a shirt could be defined by style, color or size. Each combination of attributes is unique, has its own SKU, and can have its own price.


  • EBT Card: Allows you to use EBT Card payments. NOTE: You can't use tips on the same register that has the EBT Card app in use.


  • QuickBooks: Sync QuickBooks Online with eHopper. Automatically import your sales transactions, expenses, inventory, taxes, account charts and more.


  • Merchant Fee Programs: Allows participation in the cash discount and surcharge program on eHopper to save money on merchant fees by passing them on to the customer.  

    Additional features: 

  • Charge as either a fixed currency amount or a percentage of the transaction total
  • Cash discount and surcharges reporting
  • Ability to void or refund
  • Can choose to include taxes in cash discount rate (but not surcharges). 

Note: This app cannot be installed at the same time as the Exchange Transactions app and by enabling this app, you must agree to all applicable, laws, rules and regulations for joining the program, including notifying credit card companies and following consumer disclosure protocol. 


  • Exchange Transactions: Can process transactions where customers return one or more items from a previous order, while also purchasing new items, in a single transaction.
    • Will be processed as either a partial refund or as a sale, depending on whether the net monetary amount from the exchange is positive or negative.
    • Cannot be installed at the same time as the Merchant Fee Programs app.
    • Cannot be processed on Poynt terminals.


  • Denomination Count: Allows you to select which bills and coins you want to track and to enter the quantity of each currently in the drawer on the Open and Close Register screens. You can view the quantity of denominations at different periods of time in the Z Report Details screen on Back Office. 


  • Barcode Labels: Generate barcode labels for products and ingredients, which can then be exported as a PDF and printed.
    • Optionally enable item names/prices to appear on barcode labels
    • Select the quantity of each barcode that you would like to print.
    • Supports the most popular barcode label templates.


  • Notifications: Be alerted via email every 24 hours about all items that have reached their minimum quantity numbers, that was specified for each product and for each store.
    • Includes alerts for inventory items, matrix items, and items with ingredients.
    • Add email addresses that you would like to receive the email alerts.
    • The info will also be attached to the email as a PDF report. 


  • VidaPay payment: Can process VidaPay payments (must have Wireless selected as Business Type and to have registered on the VidaPay website).


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