Activate/Deactivate Register


Activating Register

  • Before you can access eHopper POS, you must first assign your device to a particular register.
  • The register can only be associated with one device at a time.


To activate a register on device for first time:

1) Install the eHopper application on your device and open it.

2) Click on the link to POS and enter the Account ID and License key which you received in your eHopper welcome email.

3. Once the correct info is submitted, you will be sent to log in screen where you will enter your user name and password.

4. Enter your PIN #, which was also provided in the welcome email.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

6. Your register is now activated and you are logged in to POS.


Deactivating Register in POS

If you would like to use that same register with a different device than the one it was previously assigned to, you must first deactivate the register on the other device.

Note: Before deactivating, be sure to synchronize any local data or it will not save. 

To deactivate register on device:

1) Select 'Deactivate' in the left navigation menu.


2) On the "Device deactivation" screen, input the license key of the register you would like to detach from the device in the 'Licence Key' field. 

3) Click "DONE."

4) You can now activate the register on another device using this licence key. 


Deactivating Register in Back Office

If after inputting your Account ID and License Key when attempting to log in to POS you encounter an error message that states "To use eHopper on this device, please deactivate the register in Back Office," this means that the register's license key is currently tied to another device. You will need to deactivate the register on that device's Back Office before logging in to POS on the new device.  

To deactivate a register in Back Office:

1) Log into Back Office

2) In the left navigation menu, click on Settings<<Register Settings


3) Select the register you would like to deactivate.


4) Click/tap on the red 'Deactivate' button.


5) A screen will pop up warning that all unsynchronized data on POS will be lost if you deactivate. Click "OK" (or first perform synchronization in POS).

6) Copy the license key under "Register Licence Key" so you can input it into the 'License Key' field when activating the register on another device. 

7) Click "DONE."


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