Saving an Order

  • You can save all aspects of an order, including customer name, order type, discounts, notes, taxes, etc. You can then reopen the order whenever you'd like and make additional changes.
  • Once an order is processed, it cannot be reopened. 

Requirement: Must have an Administrator, Manager or Salesperson employee role.


To Save an Order:

  1. After selecting item(s) in the shopping cart, click on the Save button on the bottom left of the screen. 


  • On the Save Order page, you can optionally assign a name to the order in the Order Name field.

  • You can also choose the Bill language in the drop-down and choose to Print bill and/or Email bill by selecting the switch to the right of the option. The switch will appear blue when selected. 

 2. Click the SAVE ORDER button.


To Access and Modify a Saved Order:

1. Select Orders in the left navigation menu.

2. On the Orders page, select the saved order you would like to reopen.


3. Click on the Open button on the bottom of the screen. 


4. The order will be reopened and you could modify it as you wish and process it when it is ready. 


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