How to Install and Use the eHopper Digital Signage App



You can use the eHopper digital signage app to display your menu with pricing, videos, images, and business information on a large Android TV screen at your business. You can also connect it to a regular TV from an Android or Apple TV device, through an HDMI wire.  See for more info.


Please see the below image as an example (background theme and layout can be adjusted):




  1. Must have the eHopper OmniChannel Package: Get started at
  2. Set up your online ordering site and synchronize your inventory data on the site by following the steps in



  1. Download the eHopper Digital Signage on your Android TV or Apple TV device that will be displaying the digital signage screen from the Google Play Store if Android and iTunes App Store if Apple:



  1. Run the application.
  2. Enter the Email and License Code you will be using for that device. If you do not yet have one, select thte Tap here to register link above the Email field. 


  1. Select the Activate License button
  2. Enter the Web URL Address that you will be using as the menu for the digital signage screen on this Android TV device.
  3. Select the amount of time you would like the digital signage page to refresh data (from the URL entered). Any changes made to inventory displayed on the web page should be done in the eHopper Back Office and then synchronized from the eCommerce Settings page for it to be updated on the web page.
  4. Upload a Default picture that will be displayed on the digital signage screen if internet connection is lost while refreshing the URL.
  5. Save settings.
  • To use this license on another Android TV or Apple TV device, select the Deactivate License button (will appear in red after the license was activated) under the License Code field.
  1. Once saved, you will be redirected to the URL / image that was entered/uploaded. To go back to the digital signage settings screen, hold the cursor from the mouse pad in the left bottom of the page for 3 seconds.
  2. If you would like to display a digital signage screen on multiple Android or Apple TV devices, follow steps 1-9 on each device (placing separate License Codes for each).
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