Table Management



Currently eHopper does not support table management. Look out for this feature soon! For now, as a workaround, you can assign table numbers to orders through our Order Notes feature. Freedom customers can also specify Dine In as an Order Type.



  1. After selecting item(s) to add to an order in POS, click on the Notes button on the bottom of the screen.


2. On the Order Notes screen, in the box where it says, Type order-specific notes here, type in the table number you would like to place the customer at. 


3. Click the DONE button.

4. After processing the transaction and printing the kitchen receipt, you will find the customer's table number on the bottom of the receipt, easily managing which tables each order will be assigned to. 

  • Other than saving the kitchen receipts, you can track which tables are currently occupied by scrolling through your orders on the Orders screen and reviewing which tables are taken in the Order Name column that do not yet have Fulfilled as the Fulfillment Status
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