Reprinting Customer Receipt With Signature



1. Must be Freedom customer and have installed the Debit and Credit Integration app.

2. Must have credit card terminal and printer set up in POS. 

3. Customer must have previously signed the receipt, with either the On Screen or On Terminal options, unless using a Poynt device (can only reprint if customer signed with On Screen option).

  • If customer signed Poynt with On Terminal option, you can find the transaction and reprint the signature after logging in to Poynt HQ at Note: The receipt will be in Poynt's format.

4. Star printers can reprint signatures from any device, however the eHopper BTP printer can only reprint from iPad and Windows devices. 



1. Select Orders in the left navigation menu. 

2. Select the order from which you would like to reprint the customer signature.

  • You will be moved to the Order Details screen.

3. Select the Print Receipt button. 


4. Choose the Receipt language from the drop-down and then make sure the Include signature box is checked (it will be by default).


5. Select the green Print Receipt button. 

  • The receipt will be reprinted with the customer's signature. 
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