Ingredients Report



In the Ingredients Report, you can view information on all ingredients, including the total quantity in stock and total quantity sold as part of products.



  • To access, go to Reporting--->Ingredients Report in the left navigation menu. 
  • You can customize which columns you would like displayed in the report by selecting the Set Columns drop-down field and then selecting the checkbox next to each column you would like to include. 
  • The columns in the Ingredients Report include:
    • the ingredient ID
    • the Ingredient name
    • the Quantity (UOM) or total quantity in units of measurement of the ingredient in stock
    • the Qty Sold (UOM) or total quantity of the ingredient sold in units of measurement (without deducting refunds, voids, and exchanges)
    • the Quantity (Stock Unit) or total quantity in stock units of the ingredient in stock
    • the Qty Sold (Stock Unit) or total quantity sold of the ingredient in stock units (without deducting refunds, voids, and exchanges)
    • You can also view the total Quantity (UOM), Qty Sold (UOM), Quantity (Stock Unit), and Qty Sold (Stock Unit) for all ingredients on the current screen. You can see these totals for all items, including those not on current screen, by exporting the report. 


  • You can filter by the Store the product with the ingredient(s) was sold in, the Register used for the item with the ingredient, or by the Employee who processed the transaction with the ingredient in the corresponding drop-down menus.


  • You can filter by date by selecting one of the options in the date range drop-down menu. The default will say Today.
    • Only up to 3 months can be filtered at a time. To filter by a customized date range within a 3 month period, select the Custom Range option and then the dates you would like to filter for in the calendars that appear. If you would like to view data for more than 3 months, export the report after choosing a custom range and then select a new custom range, export it, and combine the data from the exported reports.
  • Search for info on ingredient by entering either its name or ID in the search box.
  • Sort by individual columns by clicking on the triangle to the right of the column you want to sort.
  • Export the Ingredients Report by clicking the Export button and then click on the download to open the report. 
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