Creating a Product with Ingredients



You can create products with ingredient and specify the quantities of each. Each time the product is sold, the ingredients will be deducted from your stock. 



1. Follow all the steps listed in the following article with a few exceptions:

  • On the top of the General tab, you should select the circle that says with Ingredients.
  • An Ingredients tab will appear. Please select it and follow the directions below. 


Ingredients Tab

1. Select the Add Existing button to add an existing ingredient (created in the Ingredients section) to the product. 

2. Select the box to the left of the existing ingredient(s) you would like to add to the product. 

  •  Columns appear for each Ingredient name, their Cost per UOM from the vendor, UOM that its measured in, Qty of ingredient that is currently in stock (in UOM), and an Edit button allowing for editing of attributes for each ingredient.
  • You can search for a specific ingredient in the Search for Ingredients search bar. 

3. Click the Done button.

4. In the Current Ingredients section, it displays the names of all existing Ingredients that compose the item. Input the quantity of each (in UOM) that are required for the item in the Qty field and the unit of measurement that is used for each in the UOM field. 

5. Click the Done button or select another tab. 

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