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Accessing the Ingredients Section

Adding a New Ingredient

Editing an Ingredient

Adding Ingredients to a Product



  • In the Ingredients section, you can create and edit ingredients that could then be added to a product's recipe. You can also export and import ingredients. 


Accessing the Ingredients Section

1. In the left navigation menu, go to Inventory--->Ingredients.

  • Select the New button to add a new ingredient.
  • Select the Export button to export all ingredients to a .csv file.
  • Select the Import button to import all ingredients from a .csv file. 
  • To delete an ingredient, select the box next to an ingredient and then click the Delete button.
  • You can search for a specific ingredient in the search bar. 


Adding a New Ingredient

1. Click the New button on the top left of the screen. 

A. General Tab

2. Input the Ingredient name.

3. Optionally enter the ingredient's Barcode (UPC).

4. In the UOM field, select the unit of measurement that the ingredient will be measured in from the drop down menu.

5. Optionally enter the number of units of measurement (UOM) of the ingredient that will fill up each stock unit in the Conversion number field.

6. Optionally enter the name of the stock unit that contains the inputted conversion number for the UOM of the ingredient in the Stock Unit field. Ex: Box, bag, carton, etc. 

7. Check the Is Active box to make the ingredient active in your inventory. Uncheck it to make it inactive. 

8. Scroll up and select the Vendors tab. 


B. Vendors Tab

1. In the Search vendors drop-down, select the vendor that supplies the ingredient. You can select multiple vendors.

  • If the ingredient's vendor(s) is not currently in the system, click the New Vendor button to create it. 

2. Input the SKU of the ingredient supplied from the vendor in the SKU field. 

3. Enter the amount the ingredient costs per stock unit from the vendor in the Cost field. Ex: Cost per box, package, etc. 

4. If you have selected multiple vendors, select the circle next to the one you would like to be the Primary vendor for the ingredient.

  • To remove a vendor from the ingredient, click the red 'x' button to the right of the vendor’s row.


C. Ordering Tab

1. Select one or multiple stores from the Stores drop-down that you would like to order ingredients for.

2. In the Recommended Quantity field, input the default recommended quantity of UOM (units of measurement) of the ingredient that you would like in the selected store(s).

3. In the Minimum Quantity field, input the default minimum quantity of UOM of the ingredient that you would like in the selected store(s).

  • The Total Quantity field displays the total quantity of the ingredient in its UOM that is currently in all stores.

4. In the section below, rows will appear for each of the stores you selected. Input the individual Recommended Quantity and Minimum Quantity of UOM that you prefer for each one.

  • The current quantity of the ingredient (in UOM) in stock for each store is displayed in the Quantity field.
  • The quantities you input for specific stores override the default quantities you set above only in those selected stores.

5. Click the Done button.

  • The ingredient should now be created and show up on the top of the Ingredients list.
  • The ingredients list displays the following columns:
    • Active - If a check mark appears, it means the ingredient is currently active. If an X appears, it is currently inactive.
    • Cost - Shows the cost of the ingredient per UOM from the primary vendor
    • UOM - Displays the unit of measurement that the ingredient is measured in
    • Edit - Clicking the button allows you to edit the qualities of the ingredient. 


Editing an Ingredient

1. Click the Edit button next to the ingredient that you would like to edit attributes for. 

2. On the Edit Ingredient screen, edit whatever attributes of the selected ingredient that you would like.

3. Click the Done button to save changes. 


Adding Ingredients to a Product

Please see for instructions. 


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