Socket Mobile 7Ci Scanner Setup on Windows Device



Note: Other scanners may work on your Windows device. Please test by scanning a barcode or serial number in an Excel sheet. If it works, it should work with eHopper.    



1. Turn the scanner on by pressing and holding the small power button until the LED turns blue and it beeps twice (it will beep low and then high).

2. To enable SPP mode on your Windows device, scan the barcode below.

  • If you are using a different scanner, SPP mode may not work, however, you should still be able to scan barcodes after clicking in the search bar in POS. 

3. Search for Bluetooth settings on device.

4. Select the Socket Mobile scanner under the available Bluetooth devices (it should say Ready to pair) and then click the Pair button that appears.

5. Add barcode for product in Back Office by going to Inventory--->Products, select the product and enter the code in the UPC field. 

6. Log in to POS and sync your data.

7. Scan the barcode of the product and the product should automatically appear in the shopping cart, with the barcode appearing in the Search for product field.


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