Reviewing, Editing, and Deleting Products


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Reviewing Info on Products

Editing a Product

Deleting a Product



On the Products screen, you can review, edit, and delete existing products.


Reviewing Info on Products

1. Click on Inventory-->Products in the left navigation menu.

2. On the Products screen, you can view product information under the following columns:

  • ID: Automatically assigned to product when created. It gives the product an identifier. 
  • Item: Product name
  • Category: Name of the product category
  • Cost: Cost per unit to acquire item from vendor
  • Price: Sales price per unit of product
  • Margin: Calculated by the formula (Price-Cost)/Cost*100
  • Quantity: Current quantity of product in stock
  • Inventory Value: Calculated by the formula Quantity * Price
  • Status: Either Active or Inactive

  • To easily find info on a specific product, you can search for it in the search box by typing in the item name or code.


Editing a Product

1. Select the product on the Products screen. 

2. Change any of the product attributes in the various tabs. 

3. Click the Done button.


Deleting a Product 

1. Select the box(es) to the left of the product rows that you want to delete.

2. Click the red Delete button on the top of the screen. 

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