Creating Modifiers


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Accessing the Modifiers Section

Adding a New Modifier Group

Editing a Modifier Group

Copying Modifier Group Attributes to Another Modifier Group

Assigning Modifier Group to a Product



  • On the Modifiers screen, you can create new Modifier Groups, edit them, copy their attributes to another Modifier Group, assign multiple modifiers to products all at once, and export, import, and delete Modifier Groups. 
  • A Modifier Group is a category of modifiers that multiple modifier options can be added under for a product. Ex: Size, Toppings, Sauces


Accessing the Modifiers Section

In the left navigation menu, go to Inventory--->Modifiers.


Adding a New Modifier Group

1. Click the New button on the top left of the screen. 


2. Input the Modifier Group Name: the name that all added modifiers will appear under. Ex: Size, Toppings, Sauces, etc.


3. Under Select modifier type, select one of either:

  • One selection: If creating modifier group where customer can only choose one option. Ex: One of Small, Medium, or Large for Modifier Group, Size.
  • Multiple selections: If creating modifier group where customer can choose multiple options to add to item. Ex: Cheese, pepperoni, and onions for Modifier Group, Toppings.
  • Exceptions: If would like customer to have option to exclude modifier(s) from item. Ex: No sugar or caffeine for Modifier Group, Coffee Exceptions


4. In the Add modifiers section:

  • Input the modifier name that will appear as an option for the Modifier Group in the Modifier field.
  • Enter that modifier's price in the Price field. 

  • If you have chosen One selection as the modifier type, select the circle to the right of the modifier you would like to be the Default.


5. Select Add a modifier to add another modifier option for the Modifier Group.

  • You can add as many modifier options as you would like. 

  • You can input translations for Modifier Group Name and Modifier(s) for all the languages selected as an Account language for your store(s) (set in Localization tab of Store Settings) by selecting a certain language tab and inputting the translations in the respective fields. 


  • If you would like to add an ingredient to the modifier, select Add an ingredient


  • On the next screen, select the ingredients you would like to add to the modifier.

Note: You must have already created the ingredients in the Ingredients section. 

  • Finally, input the quantity of the ingredient (in the unit that appears in the UOM column) that is necessary for the modifier in the Qty field.

6. Make sure the Is Active box is checked to make the Modifier Group active. 

7. Click the Done button. The Modifier Group should then show up on the top of the Modifiers list.


Editing a Modifier Group

1. Click the Edit button next to the modifier group that you would like to edit attributes for. 

2. On the Edit modifier screen, edit whatever attributes of the selected Modifier Group that you would like.

3. Click Done button to save changes. 


Copying Modifier Group Attributes to Another Modifier Group

  • This feature eliminates the need to manually add numerous Modifier Groups with the same modifier options. You can now easily copy attributes and make any changes in just a few clicks. 

1. Click the Copy button next to the Modifier Group that you would like to copy the attributes of to another Modifier Group.


2. On the Create Modifier screen, The Modifier Group Name will automatically be inputted as the same one that was copied, however with Copy in parenthesis. You can then make any changes you would like to this new Modifier Group, including editing its name and attributes. 

3. Click the Done button to add the new Modifier Group. 


Assigning Modifier Group to a Product

1. Click the Assign button next to the Modifier Group that you would like to add to one or multiple products. 


2. Select the box next to each Modifier Name in the selected Modifier Group that you want to add to product(s).


3. Select the box next to each Product Name that you want to add selected modifier(s) to.

  • You can filter products by DepartmentCategory, and Inventory Type in those respective drop-downs.
  • You can search for specific products by title or UPC code.
  • The Modifier Group Names column shows which Modifier Group(s) have already been assigned to each product.
  • You can also assign modifier groups to products in the Modifiers tab of a product in the Products section, including item-specific modifier groups. To learn more, please see and scroll down to Modifier Tab.
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