Star Bluetooth Portable Printer SM-T300 Setup on eHopper POS


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Connecting Star Bluetooth Portable SM-T300 to Tablet

Setting Up Star Bluetooth Portable SM-T300 in POS for Tablet



Once it is set up, you can use the Star Bluetooth Portable Printer SM-T300 with eHopper on Android, iPad, and Windows devices. 


Connecting Star Bluetooth Portable Printer SM-T300 to Tablet

1. Switch printer on by pressing the Power button.

2. Go to Settings on tablet and switch Bluetooth on.

3. Scan Bluetooth devices and select Star Bluetooth Portable Printer SM-T300 to pair with tablet device.


Setting up Star Bluetooth Portable Printer SM-T300 in POS for Tablet

1. Log in to eHopper POS

2. In the left navigation menu, tap on Settings--->Printer Setup

3. On Printer Setup screen, tap Search for printer on the top right. 

4. The Star Bluetooth SM-T300 printer should show up under both Receipt Printers and Kitchen Printers. Check off the box(es) of whichever one(s) you would like to set up your printer to print. 

Note: For kitchen receipts to print, you must select the Kitchen Receipt option in the Receipt tab of your Back Office Store Settings. 

5. Choose either 80mm or 58mm as the paper width for both printer types.

6. The option Print Test Page will appear to the right of the printer. Tap it to print a test page to ensure that the printer is set up properly.

7. Confirm your printer settings by tapping the DONE button. The printer should now be set up to work on your tablet. 

If printing the test page was unsuccessful:

  • Re-initialize your printer (instructions below)

  • Reconnect the printer (refer to Section 2.1 - Connecting Star Bluetooth Portable Printer SM-T300)

  • Perform all the steps listed in Section 1.2, except Star Bluetooth SM-T300 should be selected as printer after click Search for printer.

Re-Initialization of Printer

To initialize the memory switch settings:

  • Turn on the printer and open the printer cover.
  • Press and hold the Power and Feed buttons simultaneously until the Error lamp flashes five times. Once both the Power light and Error light flash, the memory initialization has been completed.
  • Input paper inside of the printer and then close the printer cover.
  • The printer should print out "Memory SW was initialized” to confirm the initialization was successful
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