Star Bluetooth TSP650II Printer Setup on eHopper POS



Once it is set up, you can use the Star Bluetooth TSP650II Printer with eHopper on Android, iPad, and Windows devices. 


Connecting Star Bluetooth TSP650II to Tablet

  1. Switch printer on by pressing the on switch.
  2. Open Bluetooth Settings on tablet.
  3. Press on the Pair button on the back panel of the printer. The green indicator should begin to blink.
  4. Scan for Bluetooth devices in tablet settings.
  5. Select to pair tablet with Star Bluetooth TSP650II


Setting up Star Bluetooth TSP650II in POS for Tablet

  1. Log in to eHopper POS
  2. In the left navigation menu, tap on Settings--->Printer Setup
  3. On Printer Settings screen, tap Search for printer on the top right. 
  4.  The Star Bluetooth TSP650II printer should show up under both Receipt Printers and Kitchen Printers. Check off the box(es) of whichever one(s) you would like to set up your printer to print.
  5. Choose either 80mm or 58mm as the paper width for both printer types.
  6. The option Print Test Page will appear to the right of the printer. Tap it to print a test page to ensure that the printer is set up properly.
  7. Confirm your printer settings by tapping the DONE button. The printer should now be set up to work on your tablet. 


Connecting Star Bluetooth TSP650II Printer to Windows


A. You must have already installed the printer's driver.

1. Click on this link:

2. Select one of the downloads on the bottom of the screen.    

3. The download will appear on the bottom of your screen. Click on it once the download is complete.


B. You must have already installed Device Center. To do this, please follow the instructions on this link: Installing Device Center.

C. You must have already assigned the printer to Device Center. 

1. You will need to launch Device Center with administrator privileges. To do this, search for Device Center Configuration Tool on your Windows device, right click it, and select Run as administrator.

2. When Device Center launches, select the Receipt Printer tab--->right click on the Star printer and select Print Test Page

  • If it prints, it means that Device Center recognizes the printer.


Setting Up Star TSP100 LAN Printer  in Windows POS 

1. Log in to POS and in the left navigation menu, go to Settings--->Printer Setup.


2. In Device Center, select the link next to Device Center URL. It should open on an internet browser. 

3. Copy the URL in the page that opens. 

 4. Paste the URL into the Device Center Address field on the Printer Setup screen. 


5. Input any 4 digit security key in the Security Key field (or keep the default random number one) and then input that same security key in the Device Center Security Key field after clicking the Edit button.

6. Click the Apply button.

7. Click Search for printer on the top right of the screen.


8. The printers that you set up in Device Center should appear under both Receipt Printers and Kitchen Printers. Select the one that you want to use with eHopper. 


9. Choose either 80mm or 58mm as the paper width for both printer types.

10. Print a test page by clicking Print test page to ensure it works.

11. Click the DONE button. 

  • The receipt/kitchen printer should now work in eHopper POS.
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