eHopper BTP-R180II Printer Setup on Android


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Reset Static IP of BTP-R180ll Printer (only if not purchasing from eHopper)

Connecting eHopper BTP-R180II Printer to Android

Setting Up eHopper BTP-R180II Printer on POS



  • Before you can use the eHopper BTP-R180ll printer on your Android device, you will have to configure it and set it up with eHopper. 
  • It is recommended that you order the printer from eHopper's website. However, if purchasing the printer from a company other than eHopper, you will have to reset the device's Static IP before you have ordered it. This will be done for you if ordered from eHopper. 
  • Can only be shipped to US and Canada. 


Reset Static IP of BTP-R180ll Printer (only if not purchasing from eHopper)

Note: The following steps must be completed before ordering the printer.

  • To be sure your printer is successfully connected to the network, use Printer utility from your PC.
  • The PC must be on the same IP Scheme as the printer for the 2 devices to “talk” to one another.  For example, if the printer's IP is, the PC must also be in the same range, such as  If the IP of the printer is changed to, the PC will also have to change to for them to communicate.

1. Select the following link: Printer Utility Download or use this link and then click Download.

2. Extract the Printer Utility Zip file (by right clicking and selecting Extract to....) and then select the unzipped folder that was created.  

3. Select Utility.exe.

  • If Utility.exe does not appear, it is possible the file may be hidden by Windows MS firewall. In this case, please follow the following instructions:
  • If you have Antivirus on your PC and it is blocking the program, please add the Utility.exe file to the exceptions list.

4. Once Printer Utility opens, select Port Set.


5. Select BTP-R180ll from the Printer Name drop-down, Ethernet from the Port type drop-down, and then select Auto get IP as the Net Setting (default IP will be Click OK when done. 

  • If a warning message appears, close it and proceed.


6. Run BYNetWinConfig.exe on your PC.


7. Select Search Printers(S).


8. Select the printer that was found.


9. Click on IP Parameter Setting(l).


10. Select Dynamic IP Address(DHCP).


11. Click on Reboot Device.


12. Click on Search Printers again. The printer's Name & new IP will be appear.


Connecting eHopper BTP-R180II Printer to Android

1. On the back of the printer, input the printer power source cord into the leftmost plug-in and plug it into to an outlet.

2. Input the ethernet router to the back of the printer, above where it says "Ethernet."

3. Turn printer on by pushing down the "l" on the switch next to the 'Energy Star' logo on the front of the printer.

4. Connect tablet to same WiFi network as Ethernet router that the printer is connected to.


Setting Up eHopper BTP-R180II Printer on POS

1. Open the eHopper application.

2. Tap on Settings in the left navigation menu and then click on Printer Setup.

3. On Printer Setup screen, tap Search for printer on the top right. 

4. The BTP-R180II printer should show up under both Receipt Printers and Kitchen Printers. Check off whichever one you would like to set up your printer to print. You can select both as well.

Note: For kitchen receipts to print, you must select the Kitchen Receipt option in the Receipt tab of your Back Office Store Settings. 

5. Once selected, the option Print Test Page will show up on the right. Tap it to print a test page to ensure that the printer is set up properly.

6. Confirm your printer settings by tapping on DONE. The printer should now be set up to work on your tablet. 

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