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Accessing Company Settings

Adding a New Company

General Tab

Contacts Tab

Receipt Tab

Tips Tab

Taxes Tab

Merchant Fee Tab

Localization Tab



  • Updates to Company Settings determine the default settings for all stores in the company that the one updating is assigned to. It will not impact those stores that the user is not assigned to.
  • Changes made in Store Settings of particular store will override the default changes made to all stores in Company Settings.

You can update Company Settings in the following tabs:

  • General
  • Contacts
  • Receipt
  • Tips
  • Taxes
  • Localization



  • Company settings can be updated only by someone assigned with an Administrator employee role.


Accessing Company Settings

A) Go to Settings--->Company Settings in the left navigation menu.


B) Go to Dashboard in the left navigation menu--->click on Set up Company in the Getting Started section.



General Tab

  1. Select your Type of business in the drop-down menu.
  2. If you would like the ability to process external payments, check off the External payment box.
  3. Determine whether you would like the ability to write Item Notes for specific items (which will appear on the receipt) by selecting the circle next to either No notes, Mandatory (you must write notes for all items), or Optional (you can decide to write notes only for specific items).
  4. Check the Autologout after each order box if you would like all employees in the company to automatically be logged out of POS after each transaction. This way different employees will be able to use the same register. 
  5. Check the Synchronization on login box if you would like POS to automatically sync all unsaved data every time an employee logs in. 
  6. Check the Open cash drawer on credit/debit card transaction box if you would like the cash drawer to automatically open after each credit or debit card transaction. 


Contacts Tab

  1. Click on the Contacts tab on the top of the screen.
  2. Input the company's Enterprise nameAddress 1, Address 2, City that its located in, State its located in, Zip code, Country its based in, Phone number, Email, and Website.
  3. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 


Receipt Tab

  1. Click on the Receipt tab on the top of the screen.
  2. Select the Display customer address on the receipt with Delivery order type box if you would like the customer's address to appear on receipts for Delivery orders.

    Note: This box will only appear for Freedom customers who have installed the Order Management app. 

  3. Select the Kitchen Receipt box if you would like to have your kitchen receipts printed automatically for each order.
  4. Optionally input the Footer that will appear on the receipt in the field.
  5. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 


Tips Tab

Requirement: Only available to freedom customers who install the Credit/Debit POS Integration app.

1. Click on the Tips tab on the top of the screen.

2. Check the Tips box to enable tips functionality in POS. 

  • If Tips box is checked, an Allow cash tips box will appear for selection if you would like the ability for tips to be entered for cash payments.

3. If you are not using USA-epay as your payment gateway, skip the Tips on credit card authorization field. If you are, input in this field the percentage of tips on the receipt you would like to be frozen until tips are closed on the POS Tips screen. 

4. Next to Tips & Signature, select where you would like a customer to input their signature by selecting the circle for either on screenon receipt, or on terminal.

  • If on screen or on terminal is selected, entered tips will automatically be inputted into the system. If the on receipt option is selected, you will have to enter the tip amount on the Tips page in POS and then either close the order or close the batch on that same screen. 

5. Under Keyboard Shortcut Settings, you can create 3 keyboard shortcuts for the calculator that appears for inputting tips in POS both For $ Amount and For % Amount.

6. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 


Taxes Tab

  1. Check the EBT tax exemption box if you would like to provide tax exemptions for EBT payments (option only available if Freedom customer and installed EBT Card app in App Directory)
  2. Click on the Taxes tab on the top of the screen.
  3. Select the + sign to add a tax to every order in the company. 
  4. Select the Name of the tax in the drop-down (it had to have already been created in Tax Manager). The predetermined tax Rate will also appear. 
  5. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 


Merchant Fee Tab

1. Click on the Merchant Fee tab on the top of the screen.

Note: You must be a Freedom customer and have installed the Merchant Fee Programs app for it to appear.  

2. Select either the surcharge or cash discount name from the drop-down that you would like to set up for your company.

  • The surcharge or cash discount must have already have been set up on the Merchant Fee Programs page (found under Apps in the left navigation menu).

3. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 


Localization Tab

  1. Click on the Localization tab on the top of the screen.
  2. Select one or more Account Language(s) from the drop-down. You can also create a Custom language. This will make tabs appear for each language selected by every Product, Category, and Department, where you will be able to input translations for each. 
  3. Select the Default Language that will be used on eHopper POS.
  4. Select the POS LanguageKitchen Receipt Language, and Back Office Language. 
  5. Select the Date Format that will be used when POS shows date/time values.
  6. Select the Time Format that will be used when POS shows date/time values.
  7. Choose the form of Currency that will be used by the company. 
  8. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 


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    Ummar Farooq

    I am from Bahrain. I want the price in Local currency- Bahrain Dinar. It is not available in Company Setting. Please help

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    The same as Farooq. I need BHD to use this. Is there a plan to add this in the future?

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    I am from Ontario and our sales tax should be added to the listed price, not incorporated into it. I cannot see how to fix this.