Transactions Report


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  • This report contains information on all payments processed (including voided and refunded) during a selected time period. 
  • Transactions can also be filtered by customer, employee, store, register, and dollar amount. 
  • To view the report, you will have to input the filters and then click the Export button.



1. To access, click on Reporting--->Transactions Report in the left navigation menu. 

  • You can filter by Customer, Employee, StoreRegister, and Time Period in the corresponding drop-down menus.

2. Input the $ Amount Range of the transactions that you want to appear in the report by typing the minimum number you want to appear in the From: field and the max number in the To: field.


3. Click the Export button and the report will download in a .csv file. 


4. Select the download that appears on the bottom of the screen to open the report. 

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