Tax Report



 In the Tax Report, you can view information on all orders where a tax was added. 



  • To access, go to Reporting--->Product Mix Report in the left navigation menu. 
  • You can filter by Tax Agency in the corresponding drop-down menu.


  • You can filter by date by selecting one of the options in the date range drop-down menu. The default will say Today.

Note: If item was sold yesterday and refunded today, the updated data will only appear when the current day is included in the filter. If Yesterday is selected, it will still be counted as a sale for that day. If both days are included in filter, the tax data will be updated to include the refund. 


  • View information in the Tax Report, including:
    • the Tax Name
    • the Tax Rate
    • the Taxable Amount
    • the Tax Collected
    • the Tax Agency


  • Sort by individual columns by clicking on the triangle to the right of the column you want to sort.


  • On the top of the screen, you can view the Total Sales and the Non-Taxable Amount for all of the taxes displayed on the screen.
  • Export the Tax Report by clicking the Export button and then click on the download to open it.



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