Configuring Printers on Windows Devices


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Configuring Printers on Windows Device

Ethernet Printers

Bluetooth Printers

USB Printers 



Before you can use printers on Windows, you will have to configure them with your device. 


1. Ethernet/LAN Printers

A. Star TSP100 

  1. Turn printer on.
  2. Install the Star driver on PC.
  3. Run either the Ethernet Setup Tool or LAN & Bluetooth Setup Tool on your device. 
  4. When it finds the connected network printers, click the Printer Queue button.

5. Click Yes in the pop up that appears regarding continuing with the dynamic IP address.

6. Make sure the Default Printer box is checked and optionally Print Test Page to ensure your device recognizes the printer. 

7. Click Apply


B. BTP-R180II Printer

1. Download printer driver through clicking this link:

2. Download Printer Utility by clicking on the following link: and then selecting the Download button and then the file that appears on the bottom of the screen.  

2. Extract the Printer Utility Zip file (by right-clicking and selecting Extract to....) and then select the unzipped folder that was created.  

3. Select Utility.exe.

  • If Utility.exe does not appear, it is possible the file may be hidden by Windows MS firewall. In this case, please follow the following instructions:
  • If you have Antivirus on your PC and it is blocking the program, please add the Utility.exe file to the exceptions list.

4. Once Printer Utility opens, select Port Set.


5. Select BTP-R180ll from the Printer Name drop-down, Ethernet from the Port type drop-down, and then select Auto get IP as the Net Setting (default IP will be Click OK when done. 

  • If a warning message appears, close it and proceed.


6. Run BYNetWinConfig.exe on your PC.


7. Select Search Printers(S).


8. Select the printer that was found.


9. Click on IP Parameter Setting(l).


10. Select Dynamic IP Address(DHCP).


11. Click on Reboot Device.


12. Click on Search Printers again. The printer's Name & new IP will be appear.


Bluetooth Printers

  1. Turn printer on
  2. Install the driver for the model of the printer.
  3. Search for Bluetooth Settings on device and select the printer to pair it with your device.
  4. Run the Star Micronics Portable Printer Utility and follow the instructions to add the printer.
  5. Make sure the test print command works to ensure there is no problem with the Bluetooth connection.
  6. Add the printer to the Windows Printer Queue (Utility Functions -> Windows Printer Queue Management)


USB Printers

  1. Turn printer on
  2. Install the driver for the model of the printer.
  3. Plug in the printer to your PC through a USB (does not need to be connected to WiFi network)


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