Troubleshooting for Device Center and Printer/Cash Drawer Set Up




There are various issues that could occur when setting up Device Center and printers/cash drawers with eHopper. Below are the troubleshooting fixes for several of those issues. 


Note: See Device Center Instructions for the standard setting up of printers/cash drawers on Device Center and POS.


Issue No. 1:  

Device Center is installed but are trying to install the latest version and its not working.

  1. Go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel of your PC and uninstall the previous version of Device Center by right clicking on B2B Soft Device Center and selecting Uninstall
  2. Install the newest version of Device Center by clicking on this link and selecting Download Device Center on the bottom of the page. It should now work. 


Issue No. 2: 

Device center cannot locate installed and active printer driver and printer is working.

  1. Click on Refresh in Device Center
  2. If still doesn’t work, Edit the Security Key in Device Center, adding a new 4 digit one of your choice. 
  3. click Apply. Printer’s driver should appear in Device Center.


Issue No. 3:

Device Center is installed and printer recognized by computer. Error message comes up on Printer Setup page on POS after clicking Search for printer, saying “Could not retrieve results from Device Center. Please check if it is available."

  1. In Device Center, select the link next to Device Center URL and then copy that URL in the tab that opens up. Paste that URL into the Device Center Address field on the Printer Setup screen. 
  2. Check that the security key is the same on both POS Printer Setup screen and on Device Center. If not, change it to make it the same. Input any 4 digits that would like into the Security Key fields.
  3. Click on Search for printer in POS Printer Setup page. The printer should now appear on the page for selection. 


Issue No. 4:

The Service Status Field in Device Center says Stopped. It should say Running

  1. Click the Restart button. 
  2. It should now say Running


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