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Accessing Register Settings

Adding a New Register

Editing Register Info

General Tab

Localization Tab



  • You can add additional registers to your store(s) and customize your registers in Register Settings.
  • Register Settings for a register will override any contradictory default settings set in Store and Company Settings. 

 You can update Register Settings in the following tabs:

  • General
  • Localization
  • Payment Gateway



  • Register settings can be updated only by someone assigned with an Administrator employee role.


Accessing Register Settings

1A. Go to Settings--->Register Settings in the left navigation menu.


1B. Go to Dashboard in the left navigation menu--->click on Set up Register in the Getting Started section.

  • For every register in the company, you can view the Register NameStore the register is assigned to, and its Status as either Enabled or Disabled



Adding a New Register

Note 1: After creating an account or adding a store, one register will automatically be added to that account/store. These steps are only for adding additional registers to your stores. 

Note 2: Each register you add will cost an additional $29.99/month.

Note 3: The steps below are for purchasing new registers on a PC or tablet. If you are using Poynt and want to add a register, please see

1. Follow step 1 above in To Access Register Settings.

2. Click on the New Register button.

3. Input the number of registers you would like to add either by entering it in the field or selecting the + sign.

  • The total cost per month for the number of registers selected for purchase will appear under Total:

4. Rows with fields will appear for each register that you selected to add. For each one, enter the Register Name and select the Store you want the register to be added to from the drop-down. 

5. Select the Buy button. 

  • Your register(s) will be added automatically and your credit card will be billed each month for the cost of those registers.  


Editing Register Info

1. Follow step 1 above in To Access Register Settings.

2. Select the register who's settings you would like to edit.


A) General Tab

  1. In the General tab, you can edit the Register Name, Register Number, view the Register License Key, and input a Control # Token for Puerto Rico (must be a Freedom customer and have installed the Puerto Rico app). 
  2. Check the Is Enabled box to make the register go live in POS. Uncheck it to disable it in POS. 
  3. There are 4 buttons on the bottom of the screen for selection. You should select: 
    •  Unblock to unblock your account after too many failed log in attempts. 
    • Deactivate to deactivate the register so that it can be activated with its Licence Key in POS. (You will not be able to log in to POS with a register's License Key if the register is already activated).
    • Done to save all changes
    • Cancel to leave the screen with changes unsaved. 
  4. Click the Done button or select a different tab.


B) Localization Tab

  1. Click on the Localization tab on the top of the screen.
  2. Select the POS Language and Kitchen Receipt Language you will be using for your register.
  3. Select the Date Format that will be used on your register when POS shows date/time values.
  4. Select the Time Format that will be used on your register when POS shows date/time values.
  5. Click the DONE button or select a different tab. 
  • When localization settings are not set for a register, those set at the Store or Company level will be applied to the register. 



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