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  • In the Z Report, you can view data on all of the transactions completed during specific shifts on each register of a store or stores. A shift represents the time a register was opened to the time it was closed.

In the Z Report, you can:

  • Apply filters to Z report (by Stores, Time Period)
  • Sort information by any column 
  • View information on all of the Z Reports for the selected time period and store(s).
  • Export results 
  • View detailed info about each shift on the Z Report Details screen.



  • To access, go to Reporting--->Z Report in the left navigation menu. 
  • You can filter shifts by one or more Stores in the drop-down menu.
  • You can filter shifts by date by selecting one of the options in the date range drop-down menu. The default will say Today.


  • View information in the Z Report, including
    • the Register used during the shift
    • the time the register was Opened
    • the time the register was Closed
    • the number of Transactions completed in the shift
    • the total dollar amount tendered in the shift in the Total Tendered column
    • the Variance 
  • Sort by individual columns by clicking on the triangle to the right of the column you want to sort (except Total Tendered and Variance columns).

  • Export the Z Report by clicking the Export button and then click on the download to open the report. 



  • You can view Z Report Details by selecting a specific row in the Z report. You will be able to view detailed information about the selected shift.

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