Socket Mobile Scanner Setup on Android



1. Install SocketScan Keyboard Wedge from Google Play store on device.


2. Open the app. On the screen that follows, select the box to the right of where it says Enable SocketScan


3. It will take you to Language & input settings on your device. Select the switch to the right of SocketScan so that it turns blue. 


4. Select the box to the right of Turn on Bluetooth to turn it on. 


5. Leave the Switch your keyboard box unchecked. 


  • If it is already checked, select the box and make sure the SocketScan circle in the pop up that appears is left blank. 


6. Select the box to the right of Turn on your scanner


7. Select the ON SCREEN button. 


8. Select either the 1D SCANNER button or the 2D SCANNER button depending on your scanner model (2D includes QR code scanners). 


9. You will need to unpair your scanner with the device. To do this, press simultaneously on the small power button and the scan button on the scanner.

  • There should be an unpair beep and then the scanner will turn off.
  • Hold the power button again to turn it back on. 

10. Scan the barcode, following the instructions on the screen. To scan, hold down the power button until you hear a beep. 


11. If successful , a Bluetooth pairing request pop up will appear. Click on PAIR


  • If nothing pops up, try swiping the screen down. The pairing request may appear as a tab, in which case, you should click on it. 

  • Your device should now be paired with the scanner.

12. If your barcode doesn't already exist, you can create one by going to a barcode generator site, such as

  • Select Code-128 under Linear Codes and then enter the digits (minimum of 8) for the barcode in the data field. Click Refresh to make the barcode appear on the right. 

  • If you would like to use a different type of barcode, select a different one and click on More Info to find out specifications for the code. 

13.  Add the same barcode for product in Back Office by going to Settings--->Inventory--->Products, select the product and enter the code in the UPC field.

14. Log in to POS and sync your data.

15. Scan the barcode of the product (that appeared on the barcode generator site) and the product should automatically appear in the shopping cart, with the bar code appearing in the Search for product field.

  • You can also scan the bar code on a printed order receipt and the order number will automatically appear on the POS Orders page for you to select. 

Note: If you received an error, try doing a factory reset by scanning the bar code below and start again from the second step. 


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