Socket Mobile Scanner Setup for iPad





1. Hold the scan button and the small power button on the scanner simultaneously until it powers off.

2. Turn the scanner back on by pressing and holding the small power button until the LED turns blue and it beeps twice (it will beep low and then high).

3. Scan the barcode below:

4. Press the small power button once again to power on the scanner.

5. To set the scanner to iOS mode, scan the bar code below (if it doesn't work directly on the screen, try scanning after printing this page). The scanner will beep 3 times to confirm the mode change.

6. On your iPad, tap on Settings and then go to the Bluetooth menu to open the Bluetooth settings. 

7. Turn the Bluetooth on by tapping the switch until it turns green. Your iPad will search for available devices to connect with. Once it locates the bar code scanner, tap it to connect.

8. Add bar code for product in Back Office by going to Inventory--->Products, select the product and enter the code in the UPC field. 

9. Log in to POS and sync your data.

10. Scan the bar code of the product and the product should automatically appear in the shopping cart, with the bar code appearing in the Search for product field.

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