Cash Drawer MS CF-405 Setup on iPad


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Connecting Cash Drawer MS CF-405

Setting Up Cash Drawer MS CF-405 on POS



Before you can use the Cash Drawer MS CF-405 on your iPad device, you will have to connect it to your printer and set it up on eHopper. 


Connecting Cash Drawer MS CF-405

Note: Printer must be turned on and properly set up. 

  1. Connect cash drawer to Star Printer via RJ12 connector. (Can connect drawer to either Star TSP100 LAN or Star Bluetooth TSP650II printer). 
  2. Cash drawer is ready to operate.


Setting Up Cash Drawer MS CF-405 on POS

1. Log in to eHopper POS.

2. In the left navigation menu, tap on Settings--->Cash Drawer

3. Tap Search for cash drawer.

4. In list of printers that appear, select printer that cash drawer is connected to.

5. Tap Test link to the right of the selected printer. If drawer opens, it is properly set up. 

6. Confirm cash drawer settings by tapping DONE.

7. Cash drawer is ready for usage in application.

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