Redeeming Coupons with Loyalty System


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  • Log in to Back Office and click on Apps--->App Directory in the left navigation menu--->select Marketing & Loyalty--->click Install.


  • You will be asked to fill out a form with your billing and payment method information. When done, click the Subscribe button.


1. After selecting product(s) in the shopping cart, click on the Discount button on the bottom of the screen to provide a coupon for the whole order or select a particular item in shopping cart. 

2. Click on the Discount tab to provide a coupon for that specific item.

3. Under Redeem Coupon, input the customer's phone number and coupon code and then click Redeem.


4. The discount amount will appear. Input that amount into the calculator and then click the Enter button on the calculator. The discount on the coupon will now be redeemed. 

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