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You can process split payments on eHopper, using whatever payment type you have set up. 


  • Can only be performed by Administrator, Manager, and Salesperson employee roles. 
  • Can only use credit card on POS as split payment option if installed Credit/Debit POS Integration app as a Freedom customer and set up terminal. Otherwise, can use credit card as part of external payment option.

  • Also, must be online to use credit card as option. 
  • Can only use EBT card as split payment option if installed EBT Card app as a Freedom customer and enabled it in the Payment Gateway tab in Back Office after setting up PAX terminal in POS and going to Settings--->Register Settings--->selecting PAX as Payment Gateway in drop-down. 

  • Debit Card is not an option for Split Payments. 



1. After selecting one or more product(s) in the catalog, click on the green All Payments button on the bottom left of the screen.

2. Select Split Payment as the payment method.

3. On the Split Payment screen, select the number of individual payments for the order by tapping the + or - sign until you get to that number. The default will be set at 2.

4. For each individual payment, a row will appear. Select the payment type for each payment by tapping the down arrow on each row and then selecting the preferred option for each. 


5. By default the cost will be split evenly across all payments. You can edit the cost for each payment by inputting the cursor where the $ amount is and entering the desired amount.

  • The sum of all amounts must be = to the total sales price of order. It will update the other amounts automatically to make them = to the total sales price. 

6. Select the Charge button next to each payment row to charge each individual payment by their selected payment option. 

  • When charged payment type is Cash, you will be moved to the Cash Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: Cash Payments 
  • When charged payment type is Credit Card, you will be moved to the Credit Card Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: Credit Card Payments
  • When charged payment type is External Payment, you will be moved to the External Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: External Payments
  • When charged payment type is EBT Card, you will be moved to the EBT Card Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: EBT Card Payments

7. After each payment is processed, you will return to the Split Payment screen, where you can select to charge another payment.

  • A check mark will appear in each successfully processed row and you will have the option to Void each processed payment. 

8. After all payments have been charged and you moved back to the Split Payment screen, select the PROCESS button.

9. On the Receipt screen, choose the Receipt language by selecting it from the drop-down.

10. Choose to either Email receipt or Print receipt by tapping the switch to the right of the option (if selected, will appear as blue). 

  • If you purchased the Marketing & Loyalty app, you can perform a Loyalty Check-In for the customer by tapping the switch (will appear green when on).
  • If the amount tendered is larger than the amount due, the Change due will be displayed.

11. Click DONE button.

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