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Freedom customers can process debit card payments on eHopper once their credit card terminal is set up (either Pax or Poynt).



1. Must be a Freedom Package customer and have installed the Credit/Debit POS Integration app in the Back Office App Directory.

2. PAX must be selected as Payment Gateway in Register Settings--->Payment Gateway tab in Back Office and must select ‘Enable Debit Card Payments on the same screen. 

3. Terminal must be set up on Terminal Setup page in POS. 

4. Debit card payments are only available when online and when device is connected to same network as terminal.

5. Can only be performed by Administrator, Manager, and Salesperson employee roles. 



  1. Can only be processed by swiping the card (for either mag-stripe cards or cards with chip) and not by inputting card manually.
  2. Orders paid by debit card cannot be voided.
  3. Is not an option for Split Payments.
  4. There is no option to input Tips & Signature on receipt. Only on the screen or on the terminal (if using Poynt).
  5. PIN Debit cards be processed on Poynt terminals. Only signature debit, acting as a credit card. 



  1. After selecting one or more product(s) in the catalog, click on the green All Payments button on the bottom left of the screen.

    2. Select Debit Card as the payment method.

3. On the Debit Card Payment screen, either swipe the card or click on the Enter card manually switch to enter the card info manually. 

4. If inputting manually, enter the card number and expiration date in their respective fields, using the calculator or your keyboard and then click the PROCESS button. 


5. On the Tips screen, choose whether to input the tip amount as a % or $ amount by clicking on the arrow next to the green symbol. Then, input the tip amount with the calculator.

Note: The Tips screen will not appear if you have installed the EBT Card App or it is turned off in Store Settings.

6. If did not choose to enter card info manually, swipe the card on your terminal.

7. On the Receipt screen:

  • On the right side, choose the Receipt language in the drop-down and select either to Email receipt or Print receipt by tapping the switch to the right of the option (if selected, will appear as blue). 

  • If the Print Receipt option was turned off for a transaction, it will be turned off by default for future transactions until it is turned on again for another transaction. 
  • You also have the option to Print kitchen receipt if enabled for one of the products in the order in the Products section of Back Office.
  • If you selected Email receipt, you will have the option to create the customer in the system, saving his email address, name, and order information. To do this, select the Add new customer? switch so it turns green and then you will have the ability to enter his First Name and Last Name.

Note: this option will not be available if a customer was already selected for the order. 

8. Click DONE to finalize the payment.


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