Importing Modifiers



You can import your modifier information into a .csv file. Importing modifiers works similarly to importing inventory.



1. Go to Inventory--->Modifiers in the left navigation menu.

2. Select the blue Import button on the top of the screen. 

3. Select the Get Template button and then click on the template download that appears on the bottom of the screen.

4. In the template that opens, fill in all the required fields for each column. Each row represents a different modifier. Replace the data in the example row with what inputting. 

  • If you are replacing existing data in the import, be careful that you do not input any extra spaces in the Modifier Group Name field or the file will not recognize the entered name and it will not be able to load. 

The following column headers must appear in the imported spreadsheet in this order:

  • Modifier Group Name (EN): Name of Modifier Group
  • Modifier Type: Choose one of either "One" (one selection), "Multiple" (multiple selections), or "Exceptions." Delete the other two. 
  • Modifier Group Status: Active or inactive
  • Modifier 1 Name (EN): Name of modifier
  • Modifier 1 Price: Sales price of modifier
  • Modifier 1 Default: If want modifier to be default, type "Yes." If not, type "No." Only one modifier can have "Yes" listed. 

There will need to be additional columns when:

A) There is more than one language set in localization settings of Back Office.

  • In this case, each set language will need an additional column for Modifier Group Name and Modifier Name, with the language specification in parenthesis. Ex: Modifier Group Name (ES). 

B) There is more than one modifier within a Modifier Group Name.

  • In this case, each modifier will need an additional "Modifier Name" column for each language set in localization settings of Back Office. Ex: Modifier 2 Name (EN), Modifier 3 Name (ES), etc
  • Each additional modifier will need a Modifier Price column and a Modifier Default column. Ex: Modifier 2 Price, Modifier 2 Default.

Optional Fields

The following fields can be left blank (though the column and its header must remain):

  • Modifier Group Status: If left blank, will automatically become active in system
  • Modifier Price: Will automatically be set as 0 when left blank
  • Modifier Default: The first modifier listed will automatically become the default when left blank. 


  • Quotation marks (") and dashes (-) in fields are not allowed for importing. 
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