Importing Modifiers


 Importing modifiers works similarly to import of inventory.

The following column headers MUST appear in the imported spreadsheet in this order:

  • Modifier Group Name (EN): Name of Modifier Group
  • Modifier Type: Choose one of either "One" (one selection), "Multiple" (multiple selections), or "Exceptions." Delete the other two. 
  • Modifier Group Status: Active or inactive
  • Modifier 1 Name (EN): Name of modifier
  • Modifier 1 Price: Sales price of modifier
  • Modifier 1 Default: If want modifier to be default, type "Yes." If not, type "No." Only one modifier can have "Yes" listed. 

There will need to be additional columns when:

A) There is more than one language set in localization settings of Back Office.

  • In this case, each set language will need an additional column for Modifier Group Name and Modifier Name, with the language specification in parenthesis. Ex: Modifier Group Name (ES). 

B) There is more than one modifier within a Modifier Group Name.

  • In this case, each modifier will need an additional "Modifier Name" column for each language set in localization settings of Back Office. Ex: Modifier 2 Name (EN), Modifier 3 Name (ES), etc
  • Each additional modifier will need a Modifier Price column and a Modifier Default column. Ex: Modifier 2 Price, Modifier 2 Default.

Optional Fields

The following fields can be left blank (though the column and its header must remain):

  • Modifier Group Status: If left blank, will automatically become active in system
  • Modifier Price: Will automatically be set as 0 when left blank
  • Modifier Default: The first modifier listed will automatically become the default when left blank. 
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