Inventory Adjustment


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Freedom customers can make adjustments to their inventory for the following reasons (N/A, Found, Lost, Stolen, Broken, Gift, Reset, Reason, and Other).



  1. Must be Freedom Package customer
  2. Must install PO Receiving App by going to Apps--->App Directory--->install Purchase Order Receiving app.



1. Go to Inventory--->Inventory Adjustment in the left navigation menu.

2. Search item by title or code in the search box and then once a row for the item appears, input the quantity of the item that is being adjusted in the Adjusted Qty field.

3. In the Reason field, select the reason the item is being adjusted from the drop-down menu. The options are N/A, Found, Lost, Stolen, Broken, Gift, Reset, Reason, and Other.

4. Click Done button.

5. An Inventory Adjustment confirmation box will pop up. Click Confirm.

  • All data on inventory adjustments will appear in the Inventory Adjustment Report
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