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US Freedom customers with Pax terminals can use EBT Cards as a payment option in POS (Please contact your credit card processor to see if they accept EBT cards as well.)



1. Must install the EBT Card app (available to Freedom customers only) in Back Office by going to App Directory--->selecting EBT Card--->click Install button.EBT_card_app.jpg

Note 1: When the EBT Card app is installed, tips will no longer be enabled in POS. 

Note 2: The EBT Card app cannot be installed while the Merchant Fee Programs app is installed. 

Note 3: EBT card payments can only be processed on Pax terminals. In addition, some processors do not accept EBT payments so please contact your processor to confirm that they accept it.


2. Also in Back Office, go to Settings--->Store Settings--->select store that want EBT payments on--->click on Payment Gateway tab--->select PAX as Payment Gateway in drop-down menu (if not already selected)--->check off the Enable EBT card payments box--->click Done.



4.  Log in to POS and sync data. 

Note: EBT Card payments can only occur when online and when your device is connected to the same network as the terminal.



1. Select items from shopping cart and then click the green All Payments button.



2. Choose EBT Card as the payment method



3. Choose whether to input the card manually or by swiping. If manually, click the Enter card manually switch so it turns green and then enter the card number.  EBT_cash_benefits.png

4. Select whether the card is being used as a Cash Benefit or Food Stamp

5. Click the PROCESS button.

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