EBT Card Payments


EBT Cards are now available as a payment option in POS.


1) You first must install the EBT Card App (available to Freedom customers only) in Back Office.

2) A) Also in Back Office, go to Store Settings--->select store--->click on 'Payment Gateway' tab--->select payment gateway that using in drop-down menu--->check off the 'Enable EBT card payments' box--->click 'Done'

B) Go to Register Settings and follow the same steps above that did in Store Settings, except with selecting the register you want to enable EBT payments for. 

C) Log in to POS and sync data. 

How to process order with EBT Card:

1) Select items from shopping cart and then click the green 'All Payments' button

2) Choose EBT Card as the payment method

3) Enter the card number and select whether it is being used as a cash benefit or food stamp. 

4) Click the 'PROCESS' button

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