New UI/UX Details for .013.0 Release


1. New Login Screens



2) New Shopping Cart Design


  • Providing a Discount for whole order and accessing the Terminal and Drawer now more easily accessible on the bottom of the screen. 


3) More Efficient Editing of Product Attributes 

  • After selecting product(s) for an order, click on the product on the left side of the screen. 


  • You can then quickly navigate through the product attribute tabs, such as QuantityPrice, Discount, Modifiers, and Notes, and make modifications to the product all at once. Simply click DONE after to save all changes.  


3) New Page for Choosing Payment Method 

  • To access, click on green All Payments button on bottom of shopping cart.


  • Then, select the payment method you would like to use to process the order.


4) New Layout for 'Order Details' and 'Customer Details' Screens


  • Order history now appears on the right of the screen, while additional info appears on the lefthand side of the screen.  
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