How to Import Customers


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You can import information on your existing customers into eHopper.



1. Go to Customers--->Import Customers--->Get Template button.

2. Open up the template download.


3. Delete or replace the 2 default rows in the template.

4. Fill-in all the required fields for each customer per row. The required fields are: 

  • Customer Type (with P inputted for a customer's personal information customer and B for a customer's business information).
  • First Name: Required only for P customer types
  • Last Name: Required only for P customer types
  • Company Name: Required only for B customer types

Optional fields:

  • Date of Birthday: Should be in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Tax Exempt: Enter Y if would like customer to be tax exempt and N if do not. 
  • Marketing: Enter Y if you want to send customer marketing and N if you do not. 
  • Store: Enter the name of the store that the customer visits (needs to be an existing store in eHopper).
  • Sales Person: Enter the email address of the particular salesperson who deals with the customer. 

5. Save the file.

6. Click Browse button--->select file--->click DONE button.

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