How to Create/Edit Your Nickname


Before you can use the eHopper Community, you must first create a nickname for yourself.

To Create Nickname:

  1. In POS, click on 'Community' in the left navigation menu.
  2. If you do not yet have a nickname, the system will inform you and a screen will pop up allowing you to create one. The nickname must not already be in use by an existing user of the Community. 


To Change Nickname:

  1. In the Back Office, your nickname can be changed only by an Administrator. To do this, the Administrator must first click on 'Employees' in the left navigation menu, followed by 'Employees List.' 

2. The Administrator must then select the employee he/she would like to edit the nickname for.

 3. In the General tab, the Administrator will be able to enter the employee's new nickname in the 'Nickname' field. 

4. Once the Administrator clicks 'DONE,' the employee's new nickname will be saved and they can use it in the eHopper Community (after a Synchronization is performed). 

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