Serialized Inventory


With Serialized Inventory, you can add specific serial numbers to products in eHopper POS for sales and tracking purposes.

To add serial numbers to products:

  1. Login to eHopper Back Office
  2. Open the navigation menu
  3. Select Inventory
  4. Select Products
  5. Select New Item
  6. Select Create under Inventory Item
  7. Select the Serialized option

After you have selected the Serialized option, the Serials tab will appear at the top of the screen. From here, you can add serial numbers to a product. From here:

  1. Select your store in the drop down menu
  2. Enter the serial number to be assigned to the product
  3. Select the + symbol to add additional serial numbers as needed

If PO Receiving App Is Installed: 

Item serial numbers can only be added with the PO Receiving app, and not using the method shown above. To add/change serial numbers in PO Receiving:

  1. Open the navigation menu
  2. Select Inventory
  3. Select PO Receiving
  4. Enter the reference number, or search by item name
  5. Select the item and update the serial number


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