QuickBooks Online Feature


eHopper POS is integrated with QuickBooks Online. This allows users to automatically synchronize their sales, inventory, and revenue data with QuickBooks, eliminating the need for users to manually input data from eHopper POS into QuickBooks. This app is available for Freedom Plan users only.

To install the QuickBooks app:

  1. Login to eHopper Back Office
  2. Open the navigation menu
  3. Select Apps
  4. Select Apps Directory
  5. Select the QuickBooks app
  6. Select Install

Once you install the app, a window will appear prompting you to sign-in to QuickBooks Online.

Once you sign-in, you will be asked to approve the synchronization of data between eHopper POS and QuickBooks Online. Once the sync has been approved and eHopper/QuickBooks have been linked, you are now ready to use the QuickBooks app.

To begin using the app:

  1. Open the navigation menu
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select the QuickBooks Online

When the QuickBooks Online app has been selected, you will be brought to the main screen where your revenue/account parameters and auto-sync time can be set.

These settings include:

  • Financial Settings - Denotes whether you are using a checking or savings account for business expenses.
  • Default Inventory Accounts - Set the sources of revenue for assets, income, and expenses.
  • Payin/Payout Sync - Activates and deactivates the ability to factor in manual credits to/debits from your register(s), as well as the source/destination.
  • Data Transfer - Set a time for auto-sync to occur daily.

At the bottom of the screen you can view the history of your past synchronizations, including the date, amount of variables synced, completion status and errors.

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