eHopper 0.10.0 New Features


The 0.10.0 update will add additional useful features to eHopper POS, including:

QuickBooks Online - Easily manage your business finances from within eHopper POS. Automatically imports all transaction data into QuickBooks Online and monitors earnings and overall revenue as you process transactions. For Freedom users only.

View Instructions for QuickBooks Online

Inventory Matrix - Allows you to organize different variants of inventory into one single item for easy selection and selling. When adding matrixed items to the Shopping Cart, you will be able to pick an individual variant instead of having each variant listed as its own item.

View Instructions for Inventory Matrix

Inventory Adjustments - Allows you to fine-tune your inventory seamlessly, allowing you to reconcile virtual and physical stock as items is added and removed your inventory.

View Instructions for Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Product TypesGives you the ability to set a specific type for products for better organization and management of inventory items that are either considered non-inventory or services instead of hard goods.

View Instructions for Inventory Product Types

Serialized Inventory Report - Allows you utilize serial numbers associated with your inventory items. If an item requires you to scan/input a serial number prior to selling, you can now process the transaction. This also assists in inventory management as each S/N is unique to an item.

View Instructions for Serialized Inventory Report

Tax Assignments On Products - Assign individual tax rates to specific inventory items, having them override the global tax rate for your inventory that is set in Back Office.

View Instructions for Tax Assignments On Products


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