Inventory Matrix


The Inventory Matrix allows you to add items to your inventory and shopping cart that are multiple attributes. For example, items such as shirts can be defined by style, color or size. Each group of attributes is unique and will have its own SKU, as well as its own price.

To use Inventory Matrix:

  1. Login to eHopper Back Office
  2. Open the navigation menu
  3. Select Apps
  4. Select Apps Directory
  5. Select the Inventory Matrix app
  6. Select Install

Once you have installed the app, a pop-up message will appear when you attempt to add a new item to your inventory.

To add a Matrix Item to your inventory:

  1. Open the navigation menu
  2. Select Inventory
  3. Select Products
  4. Select New Item
  5. Under Matrix Item, select Create
  6. Select the Inventory Matrix tab

Use the drop down menu to select the store in which the matrixed item will be sold. 

If the items to be matrixed are all discountable, toggle the All Discountable option.

Select + to add an Attribute Name, then add the matrix values to the right of the attribute name. Up to four attributes can be added to an item, and each attribute name can support up to 10 values. Items may be affixed with a unique SKU, UPS, price, and cost.

To remove an added item, select the X symbol at the end of the values. 

By selecting the Is Active option, you will set whether these items be present for sale during a transaction, or deactivated.

When you have completed the addition of the matrixed item, select Done.

If PO Receiving App Is Installed: 

Item quantities can only be added with the PO Receiving app, and not using the method shown above. To change quantities:

  1. Open the navigation menu
  2. Select Inventory
  3. Select PO Receiving
  4. Enter the reference number, or search by item name
  5. Select the item and update the quantity


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